Everton Fan Group Raises Over £39,000 in Anti-Premier League Protest

An Everton fan group has successfully raised over £39,000 through a GoFundMe fundraiser aimed at organizing an “atmosphere fund” protest against the Premier League’s decision to deduct the club 10 points after being found guilty of breaking Profitability and Sustainability rules.

The protest is set to take place both before and during Everton’s game with Manchester United on Sunday.

The 1878s Fan Group initiated the fundraiser to express the supporters’ displeasure at the Premier League’s decision.

With the funds, they plan to create a hostile and electric atmosphere at Goodison Park during a pivotal time for Everton Football Club.

The momentum behind the protest quickly gained traction on social media, with over 2,500 people donating to the cause.

The fan group’s initial target was met within hours, and the amount continues to rise, reaching £39,000 as of November 21.

The protest is set to involve banners, flags, and anti-Premier League chants, with plans to distribute cards to every fan in the stadium.

Although initial plans to fly a plane over Goodison Park have been altered, the protest will still make a significant impact.

The fan group remains dedicated to demonstrating their opposition to the Premier League’s decision and aims to generate a strong message during the game.

Overall, the protest has garnered widespread support and financial backing, showcasing the unity and determination of Everton fans in response to the league’s actions.

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